Clean Up Twitter UI

There are annoying twitter feeds I don’t like. These are: Promoted Tweets You Might Like Who to Follow What’s Happening More Tweets Explore Tab Using uBlock Origine, this can be done with the below filters: ! Title: CleanYourTwitter ! Dev: robonxt ! Description: Adblock filters for Twitter. Removes Promoted Tweets, You Might Like, Who to Follow, What's Happening, and other annoyances.

Building My Ultimate Driving Machine - The 2

Let’s Begin This project is a shift break from security engineering. It focuses on major work being done to making my Ultimate driving machine. BMW prides itself as a conventional unique way to experience their masterpieces. Every manufacture as an entry level model that juices you up to wanting a an upgraded version. While most average consumers would go this route, that is not the case for a car enthousiate like myself and you.

Summer Cryptography Journal 2021: RSA Security Cryptology Paper

In summer of last year (2020), I published a handful of cypto resources I put togather as I was working on building a secure file sharing service, YBITS.IO. This summer (2021), I focussed on the history of RSA. What I discovered is incredible and I wrote is as part of the reseach paper for my school propram. I thought it’s a very good resource I’d like everyone to read the part which I call the state of security of RSA.

Certbot Standalone SSL Update/Install

Sometimes you just want to do things a bit different such as testing your developement locally with a production SSL certifcate. Of course you can use this guide by Filippo about configuring HTTPS on your localhost. But, thanks to Let’s Encrypt which you can get an SSL certificate with no hustle. This guide is straight forward but the only requirement is to have access to your DNS registrar to update the TXT _acme_ validation record.


I was featured in one of the MongoDB podcast series where we discussed how I got the idea of building Further we discussed about Mongodb GridFS and many other features. I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation. Reach out for any feedback/questions/comments:

Summer Cryptography Journal 2020

Over the past couple of weeks I took some time to research for a feasible cryptographic primitive protocol that can be used in YBITS.IO, a secure, simplefied, ananonymous large file tranfer service. Below is compilation of some blog posts and research papers I found to be useful that may also help you on your next project. For a more valuable, in depth resources check out the IACR database RFC & Scientific papers EME Encryption https://eprint.

Preparing for SOC 2 - Part 1

DISCLAIMER: all external links provided in this article have no affiliation to promotion either directly or indirectly. Life is worthwile if you share. Jim Rohn If you’re new to security governance, SaaS companies seek to publicly prove that their business model and service offerings that the data processed on behalf of the customer (or user) is processed with integrity, high trust of security, confidentiality. To do so, they will request an external firm to conduct an audit of the entire business to validate that it aligns with industry and or governance standards.

Home Network Re-Architecting - Joining the NYC Mesh

In December 2019 I published an article which elaborates a little of what I’ll focus on in 2019. I had not taken the courage to write often, but I am glad to get back to it. This quarter, the focus was on servicing and giving back as shared. As part of contributing and giving back to community, I joined the NYC Mesh community network and dished out the tradition ISP because, why not.

Red Balloon Security SummerCON CFT Write Up: Happy Saving Customers

On June 14th & 15th, 2019 couple CTF enthusiast participated to solve the Red Balloon Security CTF challenge at SummerCON announced here. For those who aren’t familiar with SummerCON, it’s a small 2-day hackers' conference organized and led by volunteers in New York City. Think of its culture similar to DEFCON. To kick off the game, each player collects two ATM card: a debit and a credit card. The tasks are to find the flag to load money into the issued ATM cards.