Building My Ultimate Driving Machine - The 2

Let’s Begin

This project is a shift break from security engineering. It focuses on major work being done to making my Ultimate driving machine. BMW prides itself as a conventional unique way to experience their masterpieces.

Every manufacture as an entry level model that juices you up to wanting a an upgraded version. While most average consumers would go this route, that is not the case for a car enthousiate like myself and you. The moment you’re into the car modifying world, that’s it. You will sink in and will never come out of the trap easily.

Below is a list of all modifications done and/or yet to be installed to transform The 2 (2015 228i RWD N20) to an Ultimate Driving Machine yet streeet legal, reliable yet outperform every model of its cotegory. Some modifications link to a DIY video, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe.

Performance Ugrades and Modifications



  • Nothing done yet

Brake System

Rims Tires Rotors Calipers
Front 18" 7.5 225/40 91Y All-season 355mm 2-piece GT6 (6-pots piston)
Rear 18" 7.5 225/40 91Y All-season 345mm 2-piece GT4 (4-Pots piston)

Rims Make and Model: BMW stock wheel
Tires Make & Model: Continental Contact plus run flat


  • Bootmod3 Stage 1 93 octane

  • 1-step colder ignition coil setup

  • WMI (water methanol injection - yet to come): Currently looking for any WMI with a failsafe mechanism. The failsafe mechanism protects the engine in case of WMI failures. Currently bm3 maps for N20 don’t support it therefore this is not safe to install.

Cosmetic Ugrades and Modifications

Here is a list of cosmetic mod done thus far:

Some of these setup will be explained in detail in future posts.