Building My Ultimate Driving Machine - The 2

Let’s Begin

This project is a shift break from security engineering. It focuses on major work being done to making my Ultimate driving machine. BMW prides itself as a conventional unique way to experience their masterpieces.

Every manufacture as an entry level model that juices you up to wanting a an upgraded version. While most average consumers would go this route, that is not the case for a car enthousiate like myself and you. The moment you’re into the car modifying world, that’s it. You will sink in and will never come out of the trap easily. S

Below is a list of all modifications done and/or yet to be installed to transform The 2 (2015 228i RWD N20) to an Ultimate Driving Machine yet streeet legal, reliable yet outperform every model of its cotegory. Some modifications link to a DIY video, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe.

Performance Ugrades and Modifications



  • Nothing done yet

Brake System

Rims Tires Rotors Calipers
Front 18" 8.5 245/40 97Y 355mm 2-piece GT6 (6-pots piston)
Rear 18" 8.5 245/40 97Y 345mm 2-piece GT4 (4-Pots piston)

Rims Make and Model: BMW 763M Replica
Tires Make & Model: Accelera 651 Sport (Link to product)


  • Bootmod3 Stage 1 93 octane

  • 1-step colder ignition coil setup

  • Water Methanol (WMI) - Note: Ultimately I wanted a system with a failsafe mechanism. The failsafe mechanism protects the engine in case of WMI failures. Currently bm3 maps for N20 don’t support it yet, but What I planned in the installation is to have an ON/OFF switch. Assuming I am runing low on meth while cruising, I will tun it off and load a safer BM3 map that doesn’t use the WMI system. the Video explains it well.

  • 800HP N20 Build

Cosmetic Ugrades and Modifications

Here is a list of cosmetic mod done thus far:

Some of these setup will be explained in detail in future posts.